Gvido Gelato

About Us

The founder of "Guido Gelato" is Guidas Gveldutis. In 2011 he came to SIGEP - the biggest ice cream expo wich is held annually in Rimni, Italy. It was the first time he tried gelato. Since that day he has become interested in history of this product. About half a year Gvidas had gone to San Marino where the master class of making the gelato was held. On this event he met his future partner Gianluca Sanchi. That new acquaintance had a great effect on Gvidas. Found out about all the advantages and benefits of gelato, Gvidas decided to make his own gelato cafe. In 2015 Gvidas one more time came to SIGEP and met Gianluca. Gianluca introduced him to an experts in the field of gelato wich later bacame his vendors and partners. He was determined to make dream come true and as early as September 2016 GVIDOgelato project was ready to go! The first GVIDOgelato cafes were opened in Moscow in April 2017.

  • 100% natural

    Each product from our menu consists of 100% natural ingredients. All the desserts made by hand.

  • Working for you

    We take into consideration diverse tastes of our customers when widening assortment of our products.

  • 100% quality

    For the production of our gelato, only Italian technologies and the Italian ingredients are used.

  • Always fresh

    The main criterion for us is the freshness of the products.