About Gelato

Let's figure it out what is gelato? And what is the difference between gelato and usual ice cream? Actually there are many differences. Firstly, gelato consists few times less milk fat wich has non-beneficial effect on organism. Secondly, gelato does not contain any concentrates. And that's the reason why it melts faster. And thirdly, gelato freezes to a temperature of -15ºC, unlike the usual ice cream wich freezes to a temperature of -20ºC. This defference looks not so big but it acctualy affects the sensitivity of our taste buds. And that's why gelato has more vivid and rich taste. Unlike the usual ice cream, gelato contains two times less milk fat wich is great for those watching their waistlines The concept of our production is based on a number of criteria wich constitute the philosophy of our brand: 1) Each product from our menu consists of 100% natural ingredients. 2) All the desserts made by hand. Do not bielive? Just come and taste for yourself. Master will make the most delicious gelato in the world right before your eyes! 3)In the production we use milk of exceptional quality. We also pasteurize milk by ourselves. 4) The main criterion for us is the freshness of the products. 5) For the production of our gelato, only Italian technologies and the Italian ingredients are used. Also every our employee is trained in Italy.